about the show pageOver 8000 clay lovers attend The Potters Market each year. At last years sale, 33,000 pieces of clay were sold. Every type of stoneware, porcelain, raku, and smoke-fired functional and non-functional ware can be found at the sale including tiles, cooking and serving vessels, mugs, tea pots, vases – large and small, tiled and mosaic tables, mirrors, shelves and picture frames, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, sculptures, and lawn decorations too!

Although crowds are large and sales are brisk, the displays never get empty as there is a huge storeroom from which pieces are replaced as quickly as they are sold. More comfortable shopping takes place on Friday and Saturday afternoons, as well as all day on Sunday when the sales floor is less crowded.

The Potters Market is held annually at the:

Southfield Pavilion
26000 Evergreen Rd.
Southfield, MI